Department of Molecular and Material Sciences



 The Department of Molecular and Material Sciences has introduced a distinctive curriculum to educate students on basic and advanced materials science.  We have prepared a learning system that allows students with various backgrounds to learn subjects required for their future plans in accordance with their interests.

 The courses offered by this department can be categorized into three types: complementary, basic, and specialized subjects.  The first semester of the first year is divided into two quarters.  Complementary subjects are mainly offered in the first quarter and basic subjects are offered in the second.  This forms the basis of the specialized subjects offered during the second semester of the first year and the first semester of the second year.  Students are required to take some of the complementary and basic subjects as compulsory elective subjects.  The course enrollment plan of a student is prepared in consultation with his/her adviser.  In addition to the subjects in this department, students can also take courses in related subjects from the common subjects of IGSES and subjects offered in other departments, other graduate schools, and other universities. Students are required to receive a prescribed number of credits from these related subjects.  These related subjects substantially contribute to the educational objective of IGSES, which is to cultivate interdisciplinary researchers not limited to a narrow field.

 A master’s degree of engineering, science, or philosophy is granted to students who have earned the prescribed number of credits, give a master’s thesis interim presentation in the spring of their second year, submit a master’s thesis, and pass the interview examination.