Department of Molecular and Material Sciences


Structural Materials Science

Prof. Hideharu NAKASHIMA
Associate Prof. Masatoshi MITSUHARA
Assistant Prof. Shigeto YAMASAKI
Functional Inorganic Materials Chemistry

The mechanical properties of structural materials strongly depend on the microstructure, which includes the atomic configuration of the material and its irregularities. We are conducting research to clarify the relation between the mechanical properties and the microstructure in order to design materials with superior properties. Our research emphasizes:

  • Relation between the high-temperature mechanical properties and the microstructure of heat resistant structural materials;
  • Relation between the fracture behavior and the crystal orientation of structural ceramics;
  • Analysis of the microstructure of crystalline materials using electron microscopy (crystal orientation distribution, phase transformation mechanism, grain boundary character distribution, dislocation structure, atomic structure, etc.);
  • Elucidation of the grain growth mechanism for structural control of metal materials