Department of Molecular and Material Sciences


Physical Polymer Science

Prof. Shiyoshi YOKOYAMA
Associate Prof. Yoshiaki TAKAHASHI
Assistant Prof. Akihiko TAKADA
Assistant Prof. Kazuhiro YAMAMOTO
Physical Polymer Science

Soft materials,including various natural and synthetic polymers, form hierarchical structuresthat range from nano- to macroscopic scales. We strive to elucidate the physical properties and formation processes of such hierarchical structures, which will contribute to the formulation of design guidelines for environmentally-suitable materials.
Specifically, we investigate the following:

  • Structures and material properties of block and supramolecular thermoplastic elastomers;
  • Structures and dynamics of chemical and physical gels;
  • Development of new materials using polysaccharides;
  • Flow-induced control of higher-order structures in polymer multicomponent systems