Department of Molecular and Material Sciences


Molecular Spectroscopy

Prof. Akira HARATA
Associate Prof. Akihiro YABUSHITA
Assistant Prof. Toshio ISHIOKA
Molecular Spectroscopy

The purpose of our research is to develop and apply new spectroscopic methods to measure the structures, reactions, and functions of molecules in order to solve interesting problems in molecular and material sciences. Our target is to develop new physical chemistry and analytical chemistry fields using laser light, synchrotron radiation, and electron beams. Hence, our research focuses on the following:

  • Discovery of unexplored molecular information using ultrasensitive precision measurements of heat, ions, fluorescence, and harmonics generated by laser irradiation of materials;
  • Elucidation of molecular behaviors in microscopic and extreme environments such as within or on the surface of a cell;
  • Elucidation and application of chemical phenomena in vivo, in environments, and in functional new materials;
  • Elucidation of elementary processes of chemical reactions in plasmas and their applications to environmental problems and materials science.