Department of Molecular and Material Sciences


Organometallic and Heteroatom Chemistry

Assistant Prof. Atsushi TAHARA
Organometallic and Heteroatom Chemistry

Chemical processes in the 21st century require resource-saving, energy-saving, and environmentally-suitable catalysis. Based on coordination chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry, we are exploring molecular catalysts from hardware (synthesis of organometallic complexes) and software aspects (new precision synthesis, precision polymerization catalysis). We also investigate nanomolecular technology based on organometallic chemistry, which is promising for next-generation molecular catalysts and new functional materials. Thus, we explore the following:

  • Synthesis and catalysis of highly reactive organo-transition metal complexes, clusters, and nanoparticles to develop new techniques for organic synthesis and polymerization using unique substrate activation and coordination effect induced by metals;
  • Synthesis of new organo-transition metal compounds, organosilicon compounds, and organic heteroatom compounds to develop new substances and materials with optical, electronic, and catalytic functions; and
  • Synthesis and catalysis of optically active metal complexes to develop new asymmetric synthesis reactions.