Department of Molecular and Material Sciences


Synthetic Methodology

Prof. Mitsuru SHINDO
Associate Prof. Arihiro KANO
Assistant Prof. Junji TANAKA
Assistant Prof. Takayuki IWATA
Synthetic Methodology

Our research goal is to develop new synthetic reactions, to accurately and sufficiently prepare target compounds, to elucidate the functions of life science phenomena on a molecular level, and to create new bioactive molecules. Thus, our research interests focus on the following:

  • Development of new useful synthetic reactions using functional carbon reactive species called "ynolates" via multistage one-pot successive [n+1]-type cycloadditions, torquoselective olefinations, inverse electron-demand dipolar cycloadditions, etc.;
  • Development and application of new synthetic reactions using the characteristics of hypervalent compounds;
  • Design and synthesis of bioactive organic molecules via molecular analysis of unelucidated biophenomena, including apoptosis and allelopathy, which contribute to the development of functional molecules;
  • Research and development of new catalytic reactions by discovering new reactions that catalytically activate nucleophiles or electrophiles using chiral nickel (II) complex catalysts.