Department of Molecular and Material Sciences


Development of Advanced Materials

Prof. Chao-Nan XU
Prof. Hiroshi YAMADA
Associate Prof. Masato UEHARA
Development of Advanced Materials

Three laboratories at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Kyushu are engaged in developing new functional materials based on microreactors and new ceramic functional materials. Our research interests include:

  • Development of inorganic nanoparticles and other functional materials based on the unique characteristics of mass and heat transfer in micro- and nanospaces, and their application to microsystems;
  • Development and application of techniques to effectively synthesize functional organic materials such as polyamino acids and organic nanoparticles by sophisticated reaction control based on microspaces;
  • Research and development of new functional materials and devices for electro-mechano-optical multiple conversion and studies on conversion mechanisms.