Department of Molecular and Material Sciences


Theory of Functional Materials

Prof. Kengo SHIMANOE
Associate Prof. Ken WATANABE
Associate Prof. Maiko NISHIBORI
Theory of Functional Materials

Various devices based on functional materials are instrumental in new sciences and technologies, and should be further developed. The properties of a functional material depend on its bulk properties, and the structure and organization of its surface and interface. Controlling and optimizing these factors are important for constructing devices. Our laboratory aims to create new chemical functional devices. Hence, we are investigating a wide variety of subjects, which range from designing/synthesizing materials and analyzing their structural properties to constructing and characterizing devices. Specifically we focus on:

  • Design and development of gas sensors based on oxide semiconductors and solid electrolytes;
  • Development of high-performance oxygen electrodes for energy-saving brine electrolysis and metal-air secondary batteries;
  • Studies on oxygen separation membranes based on mixed conductors (perovskite-type oxides);
  • Studies on ceramic coatings based on wet processes;
  • Studies on nanoparticle preparation techniques based on wet processes