Department of Molecular and Material Sciences


Environment and New Energy

Prof. Hiroki AGO
Environment and New Energy

Nanotechnology has become one of important fields which support modern science and technology. In our laboratory, synthesis methods of novel nanomaterials and applications to energy, environment, and electronics based on nanotechnology. Our research focuses mainly on nanocarbon materials, novel two-dimensional layered materials, and their heterostructures. Transistors and photovoltaic cells are made from these new and unique nanomaterials. Throughout our intensive research activity, we are open to organize and take part in collaborative international projects. Main current research topics:

  • Development of high-quality graphene synthesis and electronic applications
  • New 2D materials (transition metal chalcogenides and hexagonal boron nitride)
  • Applications to field-effect transistor and wearable devices
  • Heterostructures of 2D materials for energy applications including solar cells